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Herbal Icy Hot


The Herbal Icy Hot is made with a blend of herbal infused oils that have traditionally been used for soothing and relaxing tense and over worked muscles and joints.

The shea butter that is used is this blend makes it nourishing to the skin while the bees wax adds a protective outer layer insuring that the medicinal oils will be absorbed deep into the body.

The blend of essential oils and menthol crystals helps create the subtle cooling sensation. The cool feeling can help relieve pain while the therapeutic blend of herbal oils can help aching muscles.

I created this cream for my aching joints and I have found a great deal of relief with this cream.
I have also received some great feed back from customers. I have one couple who comes to see me at the Farmer's Market and they told me that this cream is the only thing that has brought them relief from the arthritis....this is after trying many different things over the years. Their complement was as high as it gets in my heart. I was so happy when they told me that they had found some pain relief

This is a 2oz jar.

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