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Wild Rose and Honey Elixir

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If you love roses and honey you, will love this award-winning Wild Rose and Honey Elixir.

Sizes: 1 oz. ($12), 2 oz. ($19), and 4 oz. ($25) bottles (subject to availability)
Ingredients: Wild Rose, Raw Honey, Organic Grape Alcohol

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You know how you feel after you smell a rose...that is how this beautiful elixir will make you feel! This delicious elixir is made with hand-picked wild rosa rugosa petals off the coast of Maine. This sacred flower is wonderfully nourishing for the nervous system, gently opening the heart and uplifting the spirit. Roses are rich in bioflavonoiods, which are needed for the absorption of vitamin C, help maintain healthy capillaries and blood vessels, and is a natural antibiotic.

The delicious raw honey that I use is also from a local source here in Maine. Raw honey is a live food that is full of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, the entire B complex, vitamins D, E and K, along with amino acids, niacin and folic acid - all of these are easily digested and absorbed into our bodies. Unheated honey is antibiotic, antiviral anti-inflammatory, immune stimulating, cell regenerating and so much more.

You are bound to fall in love with this elixir. It can be taken in water, tea or my favorite, a dropper full right into the mouth. This can be taken whenever you feel the need for a warm and nourishing uplift.

Some words from a happy recipient!

"This elixir is soooo good!! A few drops and I am in bliss. Thank you ever so much!!"

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