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Chaga Double Extraction


Chaga Double Extraction: Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that grows on birch trees here in the Maine woods. Chaga is known to be full of antioxidants and is considered an adaptogen.*

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Sizes: 2 oz. ($20) bottles (subject to availability)
Ingredients: Ethically Wild Gathered Chaga, Organic Grape Alcohol, Spring Water

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Additional Info

This is a Chaga Double Extraction made with Innonotus obliquus that I wild gather from the woods of Maine.

Many polypore mushrooms such as Chaga have medicinal constituents that are either water soluble or alcohol soluble. A double extraction combines a tincture of the mushrooms using a high percentage of organic grape alcohol and a very strong decoction. This will ensure that you are obtaining the most medicinal properties from this powerful mushroom.

Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that grows on birch trees here in the Maine woods. Chaga is high in antioxidants and as an adaptogen it helps our bodies adjust to stress.

An adaptogen is an plant or fungi that can help our body, mind and spirit to adjust to environmental, physical and emotional stress. Making chaga a wonderful way to help support people that suffer from anxiety, sleep issues, stress and fatigue.

It helps to support and boost the immune system, while nourishing the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine and respiratory systems.

It has anti inflammatory properties and has shown to help relieve inflammation and has a history of being used for its anti tumor properties. It has been used to help to relieve the side effects from chemotherapy and has been used as part of cancer treatment protocols.

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